Patience is a virtue 

Certain things test you regularly and on some days I find my inner dialogue becoming quite repetitive: “it’s ok, it’s just life”, ” you’re a patient person”. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work. Yesterday, I don’t think one person knew how to choose with their mouth closed at my office, my clients were people with ungodly amounts of money to spend on all sorts of frivolous things and my boyfriend became miraculously too sick to go with me to visit my grandparents. I was being tested, I’m sure of it.

This morning, per usual, the cats try to kill me on my way to the bathroom and I find that one of them has stepped in their own feces. Awesome. So I clean it up and do my best to not open the front door and let them run away.

Patience is a CULTIVATED virtue. While I truly wish it was there naturally, it’s something I must make a conscious choice about every day. Most days, it has become second nature. Yesterday and today, well those, are taking more focus. 😉

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