Joy in the little things

“There are more things to life than fearing what might happen” – my loving boyfriend

So true. I’m not even sure he grasped the profundity of what he had said until moments later. We both sat in awe for a minute realizing the beauty in everyday things. Something as simple as the sun on my skin, a cool breeze in the air or a smile from a passerby.

 Yesterday I met someone from Sudan and another from Ethiopia. I reveled in their stories, rich culture and family traditions. Not because I find those countries of particular interest but because it was so different to me that I felt as if I took a trip across the world for fifteen minutes. When I say goodbye to my office in the evening it’s customary for everyone to say goodbye at once. In the morning and in the evening my kitties greet me as though they haven’t seen me in a year (sometimes they’re just trying to trick me into food). My boyfriend always gives me a kiss when I get home and most often makes me breakfast before work. 

We forget, at times, that it’s easier to worry than be consciously happy. I’m guilty of it and so is everyone else who will read this – a whole 2 humans! Most of us are worried that something “might” happen a certain way. Whether it’s fear of not getting noticed at work, fear that a partner will leave us or fear that we won’t be who we want to be. Fear is a natural emotion but we don’t have to let it control us. Remaining present, practicing gratitude and being courageously happy is the antithesis to the fearful thoughts that ultimately lead to our chronic unhappiness.

I’m so very appreciative and grateful for the life I live everyday. I’ve worked hard for it.  😉 XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Sending love to the universe

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