Control is a very ambiguous word. We all want it in some fashion. Some people want more than others, me being one of them. I like being in control of my environment, my career, my relationship and my life. But I find myself reminded by the universe that the only thing I am ever truly, in control of, is my behavior and emotions. From how I choose to respond to how I interpret and perceive my surroundings. I know I’m not the only wants to have the power of what happens around me or even when or how it happens. The truth is, we have no control outside of our own behavior and once we surrender to that everything becomes a lot less stressful.

Many of us are familiar with the self-depricating statement, “if I worked harder…[I would have gotten the job, the house I wanted, etc]”. Sometimes we can work harder to ensure we get what we want, but other times we have done everything in our power and it just doesn’t work out. That’s the point to let it go. Finding peace, and power, in our choices can help us lead happier (and less stressful) lives.

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