We all handle crises differently and I seem to have my fair share of them this last year. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m more capable of handling them, I’m seeking them out or being tested. Either way it can be taxing. Never have I needed more alone time to recharge than now. I feel as though sitting and resting is how I want to spend a lot of my time lately but when I do I think of all the things I want to be doing instead; exercising, writing, reading, watching a show, planning a trip, making more money, learning another language, learning an instrument, calling friends and family, improv, going back to school and the list goes on. Trying to rest seems more tiring than addressing all the crises that seem to come up. It’s as if my brain can’t seem to slow down and even more challenging when I actively try to do so. It’s time to give myself processing space again.

Some people are better when they stay very busy, others need to address crisis head on. Some avoid it, some crumble under the stress, some become victims, others become warriors. Some complain and some express gratitude. I strive to be the warrior but have been them all. In the past I have always wanted to face a crisis head on but now I’m learning other approaches. Sometimes evading is necessary until I’m more prepared. Humor and music, redirection and refocus can also help to manage conflict, crisis and troubling circumstances.

I fully embrace all the challenges I have invited and continue to invite into my life because they are simply vehicles for growth. Opportunities to strengthen my resiliency, perseverance, strength and bravery. I’m grateful for everything in my life, especially the crises.

How do you manage crisis?

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