Moving sucks

I recently moved about 30 miles away from my previous address. Unless you’re well off enough to pay for a moving company, have someone magically pack all your things in boxes, tetris them into a moving truck, drive them to the new place, unpack the truck into the new place, clean the old house, break down all the boxes and organize the new house then like me you will have a week of anger, exhaustion and blame. I know I could have thought of it as an opportunity to learn more coping skills for stress but that eluded me at the time. I was much happier complain, snapping back when my boyfriend gave me attitude, and breaking down into tears periodically from pushing my body beyond it’s limits.

I’m human, I get mad and I hate moving. As if the moving isn’t difficult enough … you still have to eat, feed the kids and pets, go to work, get some sleep, do laundry and put your life back into some manageable order. I’m exhausted but I’m also grateful. The last week was extremely taxing but I surprised myself


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