Friendship, love and expectations 


I’ve been trying to make the most of my common interactions with people. Whether it’s striking up a conversation with the rental car person that picked me up when my car was in the shop or just smiling at a cashier and making them laugh. I find those moments tend to have the least expectations attached. You get a snapshot of who that person is and a brief moment to bring joy into their life. Most of us don’t take the time to connect when we are running errands or getting things done.

But what if we did take the time? What if we saw every interaction as a valuable moment for connection? What if we looked at each other as unique creatures brimming with different strengths, different experiences and different lessons? The world we be a whole lot more interesting. 

Acquaintances and Casual Friends 

These are the friends you consistently share one (or several) common interest(s) with. Maybe you like to hike together. Maybe you’re both into a particular subject. Maybe you can always laugh with each other. They might be your neighbors or co-workers. You see each other enough to be more than strangers but not close enough to know each other’s whole story. Maybe you choose to keep it there and maybe they do. Either way, they add variety and richness to you life that you wouldn’t have without them.

Family & True friends

Family is is not always what we are born into. These are the people that know you. I mean, really know you. The ones that know your story, that honor who you are. The ones that raise the bar, that hold you accountable, love you unconditionally and you can call 6 months or a year later to simply pick up where you left off. These people are your tribe. Time stands still with them. You have things in common but more importantly you understand each other’s souls. You know what’s important and how to connect with one another. You can laugh or talk about your day, it doesn’t matter because there is an unspoken commitment that you are there, each of you, always, in the background. You’ve always been wholeheartedly connected. You’re not afraid of losing them because you know you have a bond. They’re family.

Love is in gratitude. Be grateful for your tribe. Be grateful for your acquaintances. Be grateful that you have connection. 💖

8 thoughts on “Friendship, love and expectations 

  1. We think alike! Especially when it comes to strangers. My favourite thing to do is to smile at people as a walk down the street & catch their reaction to a stranger inviting them into “the moment”. Sometimes it takes a second for them to realize that I’m sending them a ray of sunshine. And 99.99% of the time they send it back. Makes for a great day! Every time 🙂

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  2. I like the Strangers catagory a lot.People have jobs they do to earn a living and it doesn’t hurt to make it easier/nicer for them; just the same you’d want done to you while at work. 🙂

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  3. I have always been amazed how a smile can change someone else’s outlook. A simple gesture of kindness like opening a door, a hug, even a thank you can make the burdens a little lighter.
    Such a wonderful post!

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  4. Thank you for this, and for visiting my blog! It looks like we think and write similarly! 😊
    This post resonated a lot… Recently my kids and I took a cab from the airport and the driver spoke a foreign language on the speakerphone. We ended up learning all about the Ewe language and culture, something I’m confident I would almost never have a formal opportunity to find out! How wonderful to keep our minds and hearts open to new connections and relationships! 😊


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