Give It All Away

Happiness starts with gratitude.

And gratitude may start small if you aren’t used to practicing it.

Baby steps

I can say to anyone “happiness starts with gratitude” and it’s very rare that someone would contest it, albeit, some do, but most agree. Most people can appreciate a roof over their head and food in their bellies. We all have the capacity to appreciate what we ALREADY have and that which is obvious. Maybe your grateful for your children or grateful that your job affords you flexibility to work from home. Maybe your grateful for a recent raise or that a flood that damaged neighborhood homes didn’t damage yours. That’s a start. The next level is practicing it EVERYDAY.

Leveling Up

When you begin to practice it everyday you run out of the obvious ones and start getting more specific. I recently challenged myself, to share on my personal Facebook page, things I’m grateful for everyday. I originally wanted to encourage people to be more grateful but as the days progressed, and I moments I wasn’t so grateful for, I realized I was looking for more to be grateful for. Now, I’m a pretty positive person but sometimes I have shitty days and want to blame it on someone or something because, well, I’m human and sometimes people are aggravating. BUT when you know you set yourself up to express gratitude everyday until January, you see learning opportunities in everything. THEN you can begin appreciating others. 

Being Grateful To Other People

Being grateful for things in your own life is fairly simple, especially when you only express it intermittently. Being grateful to others, reminds us of our shared humanity. If you tell a subordinate you appreciate that they are early everyday, they will know you’ve noticed and they’re valued. If you tell your children you love their big hugs, they will likely hug others more. If you tell your spouse that you’re grateful they took care of the laundry or cooked dinner, they will light up. The best part? When people feel valued and appreciated they work harder, love bigger, appreciate others more and understand that we all need it. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, how angry you feel or how many things there are to worry about. So give it away. Give your gratitude to others and watch the magic of life unfold before you. There’s always something or someone to be grateful for. What, specific to you, are you grateful for right now?

5 thoughts on “Give It All Away

  1. I love this post. I’m all about gratitude-especially for other humans. I started saying ‘I appreciate you’ rather than ‘I appreciate it’. It’s amazing some of the looks I get in return. It goes deeper, and is felt more.

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