Learning the ways of the Warrior

I have always felt like a survivor but strive to be a warrior. How could I be the latter without knowing what that means? To me, a survivor is when you’ve “seen some shit” and managed to not kill anyone or earn yourself a jail sentence. A warrior, I have discovered, is a survivor that owns and shares their story, practices resiliency, always gets back up, doesn’t blame others and doesn’t apologize for things that are not their fault. A warrior stands up for their values with composure and dignity, they never attack someone’s personal character and they are a pillar of strength in the midst of emotional turmoil. The truest warriors know their weaknesses and insecurities, they call their shadows out into the light and they challenge old, limiting beliefs.

The best warriors know fear. They acknowledge it and use it when it’s useful but don’t allow it to make all the decisions. Fear reminds you that as a single woman it can be dangerous to allow a strange man into your home when your alone. Fear tells you not to call the girl you like because you might get rejected or not to apply for a job because you don’t have a degree. It can save your life or limit your potential.

To me a warrior is a zen master, a leader, a teacher, a survivor, a fighter and 100% human being that is totally fallible. But most importantly, the warrior knows their power and their value. It doesn’t matter to them what the critics, or evil minions think or say because they know they are doing their best, that they aren’t perfect and they are only truly done learning when their life is over. This is who I strive to be every.single.day. Who do you strive to become?


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