Rising above it

We all have those moments where we want to blow up or stand our ground. Someone eats the last of your leftovers in the fridge or someone cuts you off on the freeway then goes 45mph when you’re already running late. There is constant stimulus around us, constant stress. There is always some drama and plenty of chaos. That’s one way of looking at the world. It’s not wrong, just ONE perspective.

We can all get stuck in the “why-does-it have-to-be-so-hard” or “why-did-they-have to say/do-that” mentality. That gray space that feels like you really are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. I know, I recently moved in. But that’s only ONE side of the coin. The other is realizing that every stressor, or external stimulus, is a perfectly orchestrated opportunity from the universe for growth. It’s a gift of choice. You can CHOOSE to rise above it and feel much better about your actions and responses down the road (because you picked the delayed-gratification of the high road). Alternatively, you can  have an emotionally charged knee jerk reaction that may feel warranted and justified in the moment only come back to bite you later. Either choice is your own, or my own, to make. Neither is right or wrong per se, but one will keep you feeling more authentic, genuine and in control down the road than the other. I have had to remind myself very recently that when I’m feeling defensive or ready to battle it’s really good idea to check in with myself, take a few breaths and remember that when the initial adrenaline passes I’ll feel better if I took the more mature, calm, high road than reacting based on fight or flight.

When was the last time you reacted without thinking about your response? Did you rise above the problem and address it objectively? Did you feel like your responsible for your response or out of control? If you could change one thing about your response to the last stressful situation in your life what would it be? Love you all. Be easy on yourselves. Always feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

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